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i work as a full time software engineer at i blog tech, sometimes write a newsletter called software shots, make courses and tinker with side projects every now n then.

JSON based resume builder

easily craft multiple resumes with a JSON-integrated builder get started in minutes.

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what do my mentors say

“I worked with Gyan when he, along with three other members joined Google Software Product Sprint. Gyan is technically pretty sound, and he showed great maturity in designing and implementation. He has very impressive webpage development/frontend skills and he can make websites look very very professional almost effortlessly! He was eager to learn new things and was never afraid to take on challenges. I want to wish Gyan all the best in all his future endeavours, and he always shows up to be a great contributor.”

Arijit Mallik
software engineer at google

“Karn is an extraordinarily talented, diligent and foresighted individual. He is gifted at building products from paper to code, and has a knack of finding efficient solutions to complex problems. In my experience, I have rarely seen such a mixture of talent and passion put together. At InterviewReady, Karn exceeded our expectations.”

Gaurav Sen
founder at

“Karn is a very strong full-stack engineer who can create pixel perfect frontend while being able to work on backend pieces sending millions of emails per day. He is a quick learner, a great team player and, has a very strong work ethic. You can rely on him that things will be done with utmost quality. He also has pretty good product instincts and can think from the user's perspective.”

Varun Jain
founder at

“I've worked with Gyan at his time at SendX and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him he's one of the most driven and capable developers I've met, with knowledge throughout our techstack from the front end webapp to the entire backend, he has been a really fast learner and was able to scale up extremely quickly, plus he's a good sport who pretty much gave me an eye for design through his brief intro on figma which will probably remain with me forever.”

John George
sr. software engineer at