Gyan Prakash Karn

Full Stack Developer / AWS Certified Developer Associate

About Me

I am deeply passionate about software engineering, taking immense satisfaction in crafting products from conception to completion. For me, coding transcends mere work — it's a vocation.


  • InterviewReady

    Led the development of the web app from scratch in Golang, Nuxt, AWS. Integrated Stripe, Razorpay for course buying. Developed the course, admin dashboard for Videos, Files end to end. Set up CI/CD using GitHub actions. (Freelance)

  • Portfolio Template

    Dark themed, SEO friendly: Nuxt Content + TailwindCSS + Firebase + i18n + RSS2 based SPA for procrastinating developers to quickly spin up their own kickass blog and showcase their projects. 310+ Github stars, 80+ forks


Bachelors of Engineering (Information Technology)

Work Experience